Multi-functional Greenhouse

The greenhouse is divided into 3 major parts. The first section one is for the propagation of flowers, such us orchids, anthuriums. The second area is a large area where can be used for holding activities, which are wedding ceremony, conference, or reception. And the third is mainly for landscaping.

Rose Garden

The specific designs for rose garden consist of 6 major shapes combined as circle and half-moon in which plant 13 varieties roses from Taiwan and St. Kitts. All roses can be divided into 3 groups of performance---large size flower, medium size flower, and mini size flower. Colorful flowers present as red, white, yellow, pink, purple, double colours.


Labyrinth is applied in horticulture. We planted the golden dewdrops and shaped them into the maps of Taiwan and St. Kitts. It designed for young and old and provides an interactive time with nature, family and friends. Once you get in, it would be hard for you to find a way out!

Herbal Garden

Touring this garden is helpful for educational function to realize how to use and grow herbs in your garden. The tourists also can enjoy staying in our attractive pavilion to look around nice views surrounding mountain and ocean.

Tropical Orchard

Tropical fruit trees occupy most of the space on the farm. Fruits are produced year round and are either used internally or sold. Eco-Park so far has watermelon, guava, wax apple, dragon fruit, pineapple and Indian jujube.

Tea House

Tea house provides a place for tourists a comfortable diet place. Visitors could stay at the tea house, enjoy the comfy wind from mount lia with a book and a drink to spend an entire afternoon. The construct is made by GRC (Glass-fiber Reinforced Cement)

Tourist Centres

The buildings are made of GRC panels (Glass-fiber Reinforced Cement), which were made in Taiwan and assembled here. The corridor which joins the two pavilions symbolizes the strong long lasting friendship between Federation and Taiwan. Now here these one building have local craft house, Speedtech(solar tech) and Yelo smoothie shop!